Japan is a fascinating country with a unique culture.

Japan offers an incredible array of cultural and culinary experiences, from the sublime to the exhilarating. We don’t believe one size fits all, and design your trip just for you.

About us

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Japan Luxury Travel Expert has contracted with travel agencies throughout Japan to bring you fun and new luxurious products.

With COVID-19 still raging around the world, travel planning has never been more complex.  What you need now are travel professionals that can take the stress out of planning and help put the joy back into travel.
Our goal is to elevate your travel experience by safely introducing you to stunningly beautiful places in Japan. We’ve traveled to over 90 countries, stayed in hundreds of the world’s best hotels and resorts, and enjoyed the kind of experiences found on bucket lists everywhere.

We work with couples, families, small/big groups, LGBTQ+ people, and solo travelers.

Far from mere booking agents, we understand your wants and needs, and can write you the perfect travel prescription—right down to the last precise detail. No matter where you’re located, whether your journey is for business or pleasure, two days or two months, by car, plane, private jet, yacht or train, let us design once-in-a-lifetime journeys so you can appreciate luxury in all its forms.

Customized tour

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Customized Tours shows you Japan like no one else. With over oo years in the business, we know which world class spots to show you for maximum enjoyment.

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We are pleased to present some of our sample itineraries which we hope will awake your interest. As all our routes are customized, kindly contact us under ooo@oooo.com in case you would like to receive a program adapted to your groups' needs and expectations. It will be a pleasure for us to help you!

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If you have a specific route or destination in mind, we’ll create a tailor-made tour to suit your dates, budget, and interests. These tours can be customized for any area within Japan. We want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We can offer non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on our tours. In some cases, there are also light meals available or lunch options on offer at local restaurants.

Luxury accommodations

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Experience a new standard of luxury travel. Through our affiliation with ooo Travel, Japan Luxury Travel Expert. has access to some of the top hotel programs, such as Hyatt, Swiss Hotel, Four Seasons Hilton, and more.

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Book your hotels and ryokans that best fit your travel objective and style. We proudly feature selected collections of distinctive ryokans and hotels. They are some of the best ryokans in Japan. All ryokans and hotels we recommend are visited by our staff to ensure that they meet our standards in order for our customers to have a memorable stay.

Luxury transportation

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We exist to deliver VIP Transportation experiences through high quality service to our clients. We provide a safe and intimate space where people can reconnect, create extraordinary memories and experience travel with a touch of distinction. Prioritizing our clients’ satisfaction is paramount to us. Our goal is to thrive as a trailblazer in our industry.

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When you hire Luxury Transportation, you get more than just a ride - you get an experience. Enjoy professional drivers, meticulous vehicles, and prompt arrivals for every ride. At Luxury Transportation, we also offer lots of luxurious extras, including city tours, VIP services and more.

Special arrangement

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Whether you have a special dietary request or a sudden change in travel plans, we can make special arrangements to meet your needs.


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The perfect couple deserves the perfect plan for their romantic honeymoon. Japan is a country with an energetic city life, latest technology, and fashion, as well as relaxing moments in the country side with lush greenery and hot spring resorts. The rich traditional culture and the artistic food are other elements that cannot be missed.

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Your honeymoon should be the most memorable, magical holiday you've ever taken. A chance to fulfill a dream together, and celebrate the beginning of married life in spectacular style

School trip

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When deciding on who you should choose to handle your students travel arrangements, you can trust our team at Japan Luxury Travel Expert.

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We help schools, colleges, and youth groups with their educational and residential trips to destinations throughout Japan. We have a wide range of ready-made itineraries that ensure you benefit from our experience, and we’re always happy to help you tailor-make a school trip specifically to suit you.


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We understand the difference between diversity and inclusivity- safety and acceptance can mean different things in different parts of the world. We make it our priority to familiarize ourselves with domestic and international laws as well as the cultural environment of destinations to ensure that gay and lesbian travel can be comfortable, safe, and refreshingly free of homophobic speech and discriminatory behavior.